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Get To Know The Best Wedding Decoration Themes For Outdoor Reception

Bali is famous for its natural charm that is so beautiful, so it is used as an ideal wedding venue. While busy choosing the best wedding venue, don't forget that the wedding decoration theme is an essential aspect that you need to know. Here are some recommendations for beautiful wedding decoration themes for outdoor wedding receptions.

Outdoor Uluwatu Wedding Venue Decoration Themes You Can Apply

1. Glamor Theme

Every couple wants their wedding to look charming and magnificent as the central concept. This is the reason why many couples embed a glamorous decoration theme. This concept will highlight the sparkling ornaments that manage to become the center point of the decoration. The decoration colors are vital things to represent the glamor itself.

Some of the glamorous colors you can use for an outdoor wedding reception at a wedding villa are silver or gold. If you are interested in using a charming theme, you should adjust it with the color of the wedding dress to make it look harmonious. Then, you can combine these colors with a beautiful white tone. The color combination will give a strong and luxurious impression.

2. Rustic Theme

The rustic theme is a mainstay for couples who get married at Bali as the main highlight of the outdoor party. This style can create a calm and elegant impression at the same time. This unique decoration utilizes colorful flowers to decorate the wedding stage. It must be arranged in such a way by a professional to give a beautiful and charming impression.

3. Classic Theme

Who says classic themes are not suitable for outdoor wedding decoration themes? You can use this theme for a unique wedding. In fact, this theme is still loved by many couples because of its timeless design. Please consult with a professional team to determine the right ornament to add a classic impression to get maximum results.

4. Garden Party Theme

A Garden party is one of the mainstay themes that most couples choose when getting married. You can select a location in a beautiful garden decorated with pure white flowers and neutral wood-colored pots. The choice of this decoration will create a charming impression like in a garden. It will be more complete with the natural beauty of Bali, which is so exotic.

Are you looking for the best wedding location in an outdoor setting? Maybe Villa The Surga in Bali is the perfect option for you!. While using this location, the bride and groom will get the best wedding venue. In addition, you can get complete facilities to support the success of your dream wedding in Bali.

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